At home hair care!


These are the products I use after EVERY shampoo no matter what! First I shampoo the hair TWO times with the Design Essentials Clarifying Shampoo, ONE time with Design Essentials Moisture shampoo then I put the Design Essentials Instant Moisture conditioner on the hair for 5 minutes (for dry hair you can leave on longer) & rinse w luke warm water. After shampooing & conditioning I spray the hair w the HCO leave in conditioner & one pump of Kera care leave in conditioner (2 pumps if you have in extensions). If shampooing extensions I put the Nairobi foam wrap on the edges & leave out. If hair is damaged do this shampoo regiment once a week if you have normal hair every 2 weeks. Also remember to tie your hair down EVERY NIGHT no matter what!!! If you want to look cute for your boo at night then buy a cute scarf, its nothing sexier than having a woman that takes care of herself ;-)